Every AFunSite customer gets access to these features. No extra fees.

  • Performance Grade Web Hosting

    Our servers are built with the latest technology, are fully managed 24/7 by I.T. professionals, and run on the backbone of the Internet.

  • Tools, Lots of Tools.

    You have access to (Free of charge) registered copies of cPanel and WHM. One-click installation of the most popular software using Softaculous.

  • DDoS Protection

    Our servers can detect a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack before it brings down the service. Primitive web hosts still charge extra for this.

  • White Labelled Service

    Many hosts layer meta code in your HTML to advertise their service on your site. Your visitors will never know who your host is, unless you want them to.

  • Wordpress Premium

    Get access to over one hundred Wordpress premium (Not demo versions) themes and plugins, absolutely FREE!

  • Help

    It's never easy getting started. We'll help you learn, grow and succeed.


Here is a short list of, but not limited to, what AFunSite can do for you.

Example Pricing Table

We set each customers pricing plan based on their needs to keep costs down. These price points are examples only, and are not a one size fits all.

  • Low Bandwidth
    $80 per year
    New Sites
    New Businesses
    Low Traffic
    Budget Conscious
    No Compromises
    More Info
  • Traffic Ready
    $180 per year
    Established Site
    Web-Based Business
    100 GB+ Bandwidth
    Site Building Discount
    Content Maintenance
    More Info
  • Build Ready
    Variable Negotiable
    CMS Ready
    Fully Customizable
    No Programming
    Drag and Drop Images
    Easy To Learn
    More Info
  • The Extras
    FREE Forever
    Unlimited Email Accounts
    Unlimited Sub-Domains
    Unlimited Databases
    Help (Always!)
    Premium Wordpress Themes
    More Info

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